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2015 Schedule of Events

All Assemblies are held from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Mercer County Library HeadquartersBranch, 2751 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, located atAlternate U.S. Route 1 South and Darrah Lane, Lawrenceville, NJ.Directions below.

Most Assemblies are preceded by a High Council meeting from 11 noon. All Prydonians are welcome to attend.

Note:Event information may change. Check back here regularly or read The Renegade. Thanks!

Other Activities and Announcements

General MeetingSchedule: 

12:30-2pm:  Snack time and socializing.  Don't be shy! Donations of food and drink (non-alcoholic) are always welcome.

2pm-4pm:  Announcements from High Council meeting, guestspeaker. 

After the meeting, we may repair to one of the many fine localeateries.  Those who join us for dinner will be asked tocontribute extra to cover the cost of treating our guests. If you havequestions please email us at:

2015 Assembly Schedule

Unless otherwise specified, meetings at the Lawrenceville Library are held in Meeting Rooms 1 & 2.



Room with the glass = Room 3

The "usual" room = Half of the large room = Room 1
Holiday party (offsite) - Saturday, TBD December ??

Barbecue tentatively at Kim Neighbor’s  House Set for July ??,  2015

717 Trumbull Ave, Lawrenceville NJ
1:00 PM until 6ish/7ish.


Members and their guests only

Bring something to eat and something to share. We will have a grill for barbecuing. Do  not expect to use the oven, but it’s ok if a “ small round casserole needs heating in the microwave”
Also some notes from Kim

I will have air on inside (for an occasional respite).
Reminder: I do have cats

Please bring lawn chairs, games, food.
Plugging things in is not really convenient.
There is a "burner" on the grill.
The rest of the usual rules apply. 

Be mindful of parking on my street.  Can also park on Ohio Avenue. 
Which is down at the end of the street.

PLEASE BE AWARE it is a neighborhood with kids and pets - drive carefully.
 Wear sunblock and bugspray


Directions to the Summer Cookout

From the north: Take Route 1 South past Princeton, through West Windsor, and into Lawrenceville (just like you were going

to the Mercer County Library in Lawrenceville for an Assembly). South of the Interstate 95/295 junction, get in the right-hand

lane. South of the Franklin Corner Rd traffic light, Route 1 splits in two. Take the right-hand fork (aka Business Route 1) south

past the Darrah Ln. traffic light (waving to the Library on your right as you go past). About a mile and a half south on Business

Route 1 (past the Lawrenceville Shopping Center), you’ll see Womanspace across the highway. Turn left onto Trumbull

Ave. (if you pass the Burger King on your right, you’ve gone too far; continue to the end of Business Route 1 and go all the

way around the traffic circle back onto Business Route 1 north; turn right onto Trumbull). Number 717 is on your right. Park

on Trumbull or on Ohio Ave. at the end of Trumbull.

From the south: Take Route 295 north all the way around Trenton to the Route 1 South exit; follow the above directions.

From Pennsylvania: Take Route 95 north into New Jersey to the Route 1 South exit; follow the above directions.


Non-members - i.e., family, friends and walk-ins - are welcome atall public club events (nounattended children, please). Forinformation,send us an e-mail.

Directionsto the LawrenceHeadquarters Branch

(Lawrenceville, NJ 08648)


Route 1 (from the north): Take Route 1 south until it splits intwo (about two miles south of Quakerbridge Mall and Mercer Mall). Takethe righthand road (Alternate Route 1, aka Business Route 1) to thefirsttraffic light (Darrah Lane - you'll see a Triangle Art Center ahead ofyou on your right). Turn right at the traffic light. The Library is onyour immediate right.

Route 1 (from the south): Take Express Route 1 until itmergeswith Route 1. Make a u-turn at the jughandle just past Mrs. G'sappliancestore (Bakers Basin Road) and follow Route 1 (from the north) above.ORgetontoAlternateRoute1northboundandmakealeftontoEastDarrahLaneusingthejughandle.

From Route 295. Get off at Exit 67, onto Route 1 South(towardsTrenton). (You're already south of Quakerbridge Mall and Mercer Mall,sodon't bother looking for them. The Route 1 split is about a mile southof where you get onto Route 1. Stay in the right-hand lane after you gothrough a traffic light at Franklin Corner Road; you'll pass a Toyotadealershipand a Kawasaki dealership.) Follow Route 1 (from the north)above.

From Route 206. Take Route 206 (from north, until just pastRiderCollege; from south until before Rider; if you see Rider College onyourleft, you've gone too far) to (west) Darrah Lane. Go eastward about twomiles; just before intersection with Alternate Route 1 South, Librarywillbe on your left. Across the street is the Triangle Art Center.


From Philadelphia: Take Route 95 North to New Jersey. 95 becomes295 (what's in a name?). Get off at Exit 67 (immediately following Exit8B - yes, we know, it's confusing - hey, this is New Jersey!),takeRoute 1 southbound, until it splits in two. Take Alternate Route 1 (akaBusiness Route 1) South. Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.

From northern New Jersey: Route 1 eventually leads toTrenton,but it's very congested around New Brunswick and then all the way downpast Princeton into Lawrenceville. Take it if you have low bloodpressureand lots of patience. Follow Route 1 (from the north)above.

New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 9 (New Brunswick). Route 18 toNewBrunswick. The entrance to Route 1 south is on the overpass just afterthe Route 1 north peel-off, less than a mile after you get on Route 18.The Library is about 20 congested miles south of New Brunswick. FollowRoute 1 (from the north) above.

For those of you less afraid of complicated directions thanof sitting in traffic all afternoon, take the Turnpike to Exit 8A (orExit8, see next paragraph): at the traffic light after the tolls, turnright,toward Cranbury. Get into the left lane. Make a left at the very nextlight.Go straight to the second light. Right onto 614W. Cross Route 130.Remainon 614W (called Dey Road). Follow for about 3 miles to the next light.Turn right onto Scudder's Mill Road. Straight till the third trafficlight,which is Route 1. To get onto Route 1 south, cross Route 1 (no directleftturn onto Route 1). Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.

From Turnpike Exit 8: get onto Route 33 West. Follow untilit ends. Turn left. Turn right at the very next traffic light (StocktonStreet). Follow until Route 130. Cross Route 130. This is nowPrinceton-HightstownRoad. Follow about 8 miles. About 1/4 mile past an Acme Supermarket (onyour left), the road will swing about to the left over a railroadbridge.Follow it. At the T-junction, go right. Follow about a mile or two tillyou come to Route 1 (you'll see three gas stations and a realty officeand church on the four corners). Go left. Follow Route 1 (from thenorth)above.

From the East (Shore Points): Take Route 195 West until itendsat Route 295. Follow From Route 295 above.

From South Jersey: take 295 North to Bordentown, follow 206untilit connects with 295 again, and follow #3 above. OR take 130 to 206 to295 and follow #3. OR take 206 north until it connects with 295 andfollowFrom Route 295.


For information,  e-mailtheclub.

We can arrange to pick you up at the Princeton Junction trainstation(from New York - clickhere for NJ Transit schedules - or fromPhiladelphia- clickhereforSEPTA CentralPhiladelphiatoTrentonschedule -NOTE: from Trenton you must take NJ Transit to Princeton Junction).Please send an e-mailwell in advance. You must let usknow in advancewhich trainyou will be on.

We may also be able to arrange rides. Please give us sufficientnotice.If you can offer a ride, please call or e-mailto let us know.

In case of an emergency (only onthe day of an Assembly), you missed yourtrain, etc, call theLawrencevilleLibrary at (609) 882-9246. Ask for Sam and mentionPrydonians of Prynceton.

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