2016 Schedule of Events

All Assemblies are held from noon to 4:00 pm. at the Mercer County Library Headquarters Branch, 2751 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, located at Alternate U.S. Route 1 South and Darrah Lane, Lawrenceville, NJ. Directions below.

Note:Event information may change. Check back here regularly or read The Renegade. Thanks!


General Meeting Schedule: 

12:30-3pm:  Snack time and socializing.  Don't be shy!   Donations of food and drink (non-alcoholic) are always welcome.
2pm-4pm:    Announcements and presentation. 

After the meeting, members and guest may adjourn to one of the many fine local eateries. 


2016 Assembly Schedule

Unless otherwise specified, meetings at the Lawrenceville Library are held in Meeting Rooms 1 & 2



July 9th

Summer Barbeque  (see below)

August 13th

Morristown Museum (see below)

September 10th

To Be announced

October 1st

To Be announced

November 5th

To Be announced

December 3rd

To Be announced

To Be announced

Holiday Party



 Outing at Morristown Museum set for August 13, 2016 

We Will Gather in the Lobby Between 11:30 and 11:45
6 Normandy Heights Rd.                   
Phone:   (973) 971-3700   
Visit the Museum's website

The museum boasts a permanent collection of more than 40,000 objects ranging from rocks and minerals to model trains
as well as the country's largest collection of mechanical musical instruments and automata. 

From now until October 10, 2016, they have a Special Exhibition:


This exhibition explores the fascinating world of coin-operated entertainment from the early twentieth century!

See fortune-tellers and strength testers from penny arcades and gambling machines and musical instruments from  Prohibition-era speakeasies.

All these amazing, 19th century mechanical marvels and more are on view, many for the first time ever!
See all of these wondrous displays and more with us on August 13, 2016

Barbecue at Kim Neighbor’s  House Set for July 16,  2016

717 Trumbull Ave, Lawrenceville NJ
1:00 PM until 6ish/7ish.


·         Members and their guests only

·         Bring something to eat and something to share.

·         We will have a grill for barbecuing.




Also some notes from Kim



·         I will have air on inside (for an occasional respite).

·         Reminder: I do have cats

·         Please bring lawn chairs, games, food.

·         Plugging things in is not really convenient.

·         There is a "burner" on the grill.

·         The rest of the usual rules apply. 

·         Be mindful of parking on my street.  You can also park on Ohio Avenue which is down at the end of the street.

·         PLEASE BE AWARE it is a neighborhood with kids and pets - drive carefully.

·         Wear sunblock and bug-spray.. 


Directions to the Summer Cookout:

From the north:


From the south:

Take Route 295 north all the way around Trenton to the Route 1 South exit; follow the above directions.

From Pennsylvania:

Take Route 95 north into New Jersey to the Route 1 South exit; follow the above directions.


Non-members - i.e., family, friends and walk-ins - are welcome at all public club events (no unattended children, please). For information,send us an e-mail.

Directions to the Lawrence Headquarters Branch

(Lawrenceville, NJ 08648)


Route 1 (from the north):
Take Route 1 south until it splits in two (about two miles south of Quakerbridge Mall and Mercer Mall). Take the right-hand road (Business Route 1) to the first traffic light (Darrah Lane - you'll see a Triangle Art Center ahead of you on your right). Turn right at the traffic light. The Library is on your immediate right.

Route 1 (from the south):
Take Express Route 1 until it merges with Route 1. Make a u-turn at the jug-handle just past Mrs. G's appliance store (Bakers Basin Road) and follow Route 1 (from the north) above. OR get onto Alternate Route1 north and make a left on to East Darrah Lane using the jug handle.

From Route 295:
Get off at Exit 67, onto Route 1 South (towards Trenton). (You're already south of Quakerbridge Mall and Mercer Mall,so don't bother looking for them. The Route 1 split is about a mile south of where you get onto Route 1. Stay in the right-hand lane after you go through a traffic light at Franklin Corner Road; you'll pass a Toyota dealership and a Kawasaki dealership.) Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.

From Route 206:
Take Route 206 (from north, until just past Rider College; from south until before Rider; if you see Rider College on your left, you've gone too far) to (west) Darrah Lane. Go eastward about two miles; just before intersection with Alternate Route 1 South, Library will be on your left. Across the street is the Triangle Art Center.


From Philadelphia:
Take Route 95 North to New Jersey. 95 becomes295. Get off at Exit 67 (immediately following Exit 8B),take Route 1 South, until it splits in two. Take Alternate Route 1 (Business Route 1) South. Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.


From northern New Jersey:

Route 1:
This will take you to Trenton, but it's very congested around New Brunswick and then all the way down past Princeton into Lawrenceville. You can take this all the way down, Follow Route 1 (from the north)above.

New Jersey Turnpike:
Follow New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 9 (New Brunswick). Route 18 to New Brunswick. The entrance to Route 1 south is on the overpass just after the Route 1 north peel-off, less than a mile after you get on Route 18.The Library is about 20 congested miles south of New Brunswick. Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.

For those of you less afraid of complicated directions than of sitting in traffic all afternoon, take the Turnpike to Exit 8A (or Exit8, see next paragraph): at the traffic light after the tolls, turn right,toward Cranbury. Get into the left lane. Make a left at the very next light. Go straight to the second light. Right onto 614 W. Cross Route 130.Remain on 614 W (called Dey Road). Follow for about 3 miles to the next light. Turn right onto Scudder's Mill Road. Straight till the third traffic-light,which is Route 1. To get onto Route 1 south, cross Route 1 (no direct left turn onto Route 1). Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.

From Turnpike Exit 8:
Get onto Route 33 West. Follow until it ends. Turn left. Turn right at the very next traffic light (Stockton Street). Follow until Route 130. Cross Route 130. This is now Princeton-Hightstown Road. Follow about 8 miles. About 1/4 mile past an Acme Supermarket (on your left), the road will swing about to the left over a railroad bridge. Follow it. At the T-junction, go right. Follow about a mile or two till you come to Route 1 (you'll see three gas stations and a realty office and church on the four corners). Go left. Follow Route 1 (from the north) above.

From the East (Shore Points): Take Route 195 West until it end sat Route 295. Follow From Route 295 above.

From South Jersey:

Take 295 North to Bordentown, follow 206untilit connects with 295 again, and follow #3 above. OR take 130 to 206 to 295 and follow #3. OR take 206 north until it connects with 295 and follow From Route 295.

If all else fails, Try Mapquest


For information,  e-mail the club.

If you are planning to attend a meeting and need a ride from the train station, please contact us by Wednseday, no later than 6pm at our email address.  We will do our best to accomodate you.

From New Yorkclick here for NJ Transit schedules

From Philadelphia - click here for SEPTA Central Philadelphia to Trenton schedule

NOTE: from Trenton you must take NJ Transit to Princeton Junction.Please send an e-mail well in advance. You must let us know in advance which train you will be on.

We may also be able to arrange rides. Please give us sufficient notice. If you can offer a ride, please call or e-mail to let us know.

In case of an emergency (only on the day of an Assembly), you missed your train, etc.
Call Sam at (609) 713-1699. and mention Prydonians of Prynceton.