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Doctor Who Sites

BBC Doctor Who Home Page
Official home page for Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Home Page
Links to just about all the Doctor Who Web sites you could ever want to find.

Doctor Who Image Archive
Steve Hill's site full of photos and other Doctor Who-related images.

Doctor Who Information Network
Canada's national Doctor Who club.

Doctor Who Ratings Guide
An extremely comprehensive review site for pretty much anything that's Doctor Who related.

The Doctor Who Restoration Team
The folks putting Doctor Who back the way it used to be. Many of the recent video releases, especially of older Doctor Who episodes (such as "The Crusade") are the work of these stalwarts.

Howe's Who
The home page of Doctor Who historian and nonfiction author David J. Howe. All kinds of neat stuff about his own books as well as Doctor Who in general, plus plenty more.

Outpost Gallifrey
One of the best sites out there.

The TARDIS Library
"Up-to-date information on the latest Doctor Who books, videos, DVDs, CDs and cassettes."

The Who Shop
A small store in east London that must be really be a TARDIS, because you wouldn't believe how much Doctor Who merchandise is crammed inside. Run by Alex Loosely-Saul, a wonderful friend of ours. Directly across from the East Ham tube stop.

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