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Association of Science Fiction Artists (ASFA)
The professional association for science fiction and fantasy artists and illustrators (although amateur artists are welcome as members, too). Gives out the annual Chesley Awards for excellence in science fiction and fantasy art.

The Heinlein Society
"The Heinlein Society exists to preserve the legacy that Robert Heinlein left us: novels and short stories that remain as fresh as they ever were. Our goal is to encourage readers to read him, to think about what he has to day, and to provide an ongoing forum where Heinlein lovers can exchange their views about Heinlein's ideas, sometimes with people who actually knew the man himself."

Hugo Awards
Blog for the Hugos, the awards for Science Fiction novels, novellas, short stories, artwork, dramatic presentation, etc. etc. etc.

Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction
Original stories by our award-winning Feb. 2001 guest. From his Blog: "MSPToSF, if you came in late, was a series of 118 short-short stories, one for each element in the periodic table, which were written and posted in order, one per week, over the course of roughly two years." ... "Well, I've posted the MSPToSF stories again, here on Blogspot. I don't have the nifty clickable periodic table interface that the SciFiction website had. But all the stories are there for you to read, and a pretty nifty batch they are too, if I do say so myself."

The New England Science Fiction Association has been printing these wonderful volumes of older writers' stories and novels, bringing back into print such writers (who never should have gone out of print) as Cordwainer Smith, Murray Leinster, Hal Clement, William Tenn, and others. Soon to come: Robert Sheckley!

Science Fiction Research Association
"The SFRA is the oldest professional organization for the study of science fiction and fantasy literature and film. Founded in 1970, the SFRA was organized to improve classroom teaching; to encourage and assist scholarship; and to evaluate and publicize new books and magazines dealing with fantastic literature and film, teaching methods and materials, and allied media performances. Among the membership are people from many countries - students, teachers, professors, librarians, futurologists, readers, authors, booksellers, editors, publishers, archivists, and scholars in many disciplines. Academic affiliation is not a requirement for membership."

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
The leading professional organization for the folks who write what we read.

SciFan. Books & Links for the Science Fiction Fan
Very useful site of links, news, and reviews.
A site that hosts pages for many many sci-fi authors.

SF Site
"The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy."

World Science Fiction Society
"The membership of World Science Fiction Society is defined as the membership of the upcoming Worldcon so joining that Worldcon is the only way to join WSFS." Good place to go to get links for Worldcons.

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