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Brenda Clough - B&W
Brenda Clough.
Nebula- and Hugo-nominated author. Our May 2002 guest    

Esther Friesner - Glam Shot
Esther Friesner. 
"Auntie Esther."  Award-winninng writer, also an editor, raconteuse, Cheeblemancer, and hugely popular convention guest. Our May 2000 guest.

Laura Anne Gilman on stairs
Laura Anne Gilman.
SF author and editor. Our Sept. 2000 guest.    

Jael color oval
This is the site for the award-winning fantasy artist. Our May 2001 guest.

Paul Levinson - color, at Cape
Paul Levinson.
The home page for SF author and former SFWA president. Our Jan. 2001 guest.

Tom Purdom -color
Tom Purdom.
The home page for the terrific SF short story writer from Philadelphia. Our April 2001 guest.

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